Wednesday, November 8, 2017


This jama’ah which has been obligated upon the Mus-
lims is the Qurashi khilafah that Hudhayfah Ibn al-Yaman
 was ordered to adhere to, and it is built upon pillars just
as Islam is built upon pillars. The Prophet  said, “And I
command you with five matters that Allah has command-
ed me with: Listening, obeying, jihad, hijrah, and jama’ah,
for indeed he who splits from the jama’ah so much as a
hand span has removed the noose of Islam from his neck
until he returns, and whoever calls by the call of Jahiliyyah
is from the people of Hell.” A man said, “O Messenger
of Allah, even if he prays and fasts?” He said, “Even if he
prays and fasts. So call by the call of Allah who has named
you Muslims, believers, and slaves of Allah” (Reported
by at-Tirmidhi from al-Harith al-Ash’ari). Therefore, the
Jama’ah of the Muslims which we have been ordered to
cling to, adhere to, and bite onto with our molars, and
without which the rule of Islam is not manifested in the
land, is built upon five pillars after the pillars of Islam:
Hijrah, listening, obeying, jama’ah, and jihad, and there
is no listening, obeying, or jama’ah without bay’ah and an
imam, there is no hijrah without iwa and nusrah (giving
refuge and support), and there is no jihad without i’dad
(preparation), ribat, and qital (fighting).
The rightly-guided khalifah, ‘Umar Ibn al-Khattab 
said, “Indeed, there is no Islam except with jama’ah, and
there is no jama’ah except with imarah (leadership), and
there is no imarah except with obedience” (Sunan ad-