Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Message To Muslim Sisters

My dear sisters in Islam, I welcome you all with the best of greetings: As Salamu Alikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatu.
Wallahi my dear sisters in Islam, we should not overlook this blessing that Allah (SWT) has granted us with, this blessing of Islam is and should be the most precious thing in our life. Yes, the most important, Islam should be dearer to you than your own parents, Islam should be dearer to you than your own husband, and Islam should be dearer to you than your own child as this religion will guide you.

It will give you success in all aspects of life; it will give you the respect you're looking for, it will give you the honour you're looking for and more importantly it will give you the guidance you need so that you may attain the everlasting bliss from the hereafter. Remember o sisters, remember your role in society, do not be little in your job in society, you are the mothers who look after the family, you are the one who show love and respect to its members, you are the first of the teachers of this Ummah, you are the soothers and carers of the men of this ummah, the success of this ummah lays upon your shoulders o sisters of Islam

. Remember khadija, the first wife of prophet Muhammad (SAW), she was one of the greatest women that ever lived. In the early stages of the prophet hood of our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW), she protected him, she gave him finance, she cared for him, she comforted him and most importantly she believed in him. My dear sisters in Islam, as we look around in today's society, we notice that many sisters are being mislead, we notice that more and more sisters are living for this world and not for the hereafter, more and more sisters do not know who Allah (SWT) is, more and more sisters are leaving the prayers, more and more sisters are taking off the hijab and more and more sisters are being seen in nightclubs and pubs, dating men and having a good time.

My dear sisters in Islam, we must wake up before it's too late, we must start changing and make Islam our priority in life, we must love Allah (SWT) than anything else in this world, we must stay focused on all this deception that is happening, we must remember the very reason of our existence as Allah (SWT) said in the Quran: I have not created the jinn nor mankind only, so that they worship Me, meaning Allah (SWT), my dear sisters in Islam, if you love diamonds and pearls, do not be deceived by this worldly treasures as the treasure in the hereafter is far greater, look at the sign of dead, as we speak someone dies and they will have eternal lives, will they live in the paradise and enjoys its bliss or will they suffer in the hellfire? And my final quote to you is: will you choose what is best for you or will you lose yourself in this life and in the hereafter.

Pictures at the end, taken from my Umrah tour in Saudi Arabia
Lecturer: Sheikh Abu Ahmad

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