Saturday, November 7, 2009

Islamic article in sinhala Good chance for you All

Assalamu Alaikum

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Buddhist, Christian, Muslims and all other Sinhala Speaking people
Learn Islam quran in sinhala,.
We have also published the following article in sinhala.
Al Quran ,the beauty of religion of Islam,the worship in Islam in,life of prophet muhammed , Islamic fasting article in ,the day of judgment, Islam in a few words,Islamic Law in sri lanka language, the prophet of Allah,Islam and science ,why sri lanka muslims kill animal for food, vegetarian and non vegetarian food in Buddhism,worldly life, how to achieve peace, Buddhism and Islam,answering question post by Buddhist etc

Dawah is an Arabic word which comes close to the word "invite" or "invitation" in English. The understanding of the usage of the word "dawah" with regard to the faith of Islam is that it is the responsibility of the Muslims to "invite" all to the way of Islam, i.e., submission to the One True God on His terms. Dawah is incumbent on all Muslims and must be done in compliance with the methodology already established by the last prophet of Islam, Muhammad, peace be upon him. It is an order from Allah the Almighty in His Book the Holy Quran:

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And Do you have any articles in sinhala can you please send me?
jazakalla kahair may Allah bless you Allz

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