Saturday, May 22, 2010

Proper Response to Anti-Islamic Pages/Groups

Brothers and Sisters, (those from the disbelievers who love to mock and slander) would continue to create more and more of such blasphemous anti-Islamic pages as they know nothing else but to abuse and slander. The more we react to them the more they are prompted by their Shaytaan to create such pages. Remember that this is exactly their plot to make us boil with anger and in the process lose our focus on our Da'wah and Is'lah activities.

When we come across to any Anti-Islamic Page/Group on Facebook, the first thing we do is tell our friends to report it. But little of us do realize that we are actually helping the very Anti-Islamic Page/Group that we are trying to fight.

In the click-click world of the Internet, the first thing most people will do is click on the URL, thereby increasing the hit counts and boasting the morale of the site owners. Second, it will help it with search engine placement, as some of them will use the increased curiosity traffic as a sign of popularity. You just helped create the monster you wanted to fight!

It is very easy to setup a Facebook Fan Page/Group. It is very difficult to draw traffic to it. The most anti-Islamic Page/Group will die if it faces a frozen counter. That would happen if you just leave it alone. But if you are out there telling everyone about it and asking them to report, you are in effect volunteering as their publicity department. That is exactly what they need.

It is a common sense. If you don't want people to visit a site/page/group, just don't tell them about it.

If there is a well-established site (like CNN) it makes sense to launch a protest campaign. But for most of the sites the prudent course is just the opposite. Leave it alone. Let it die of neglect. A natural death. The greater the lack of attention, the faster will be the death of this would be monster.

So the next time you receive an alert letter about an anti-Islamic site Facebook Page or Group, just delete it. If you respond to the sender, do not include the original text of his alert email, because even that may help some search engine ranking.

There were thousands of anti-Islamic websites sites and anti Islamic Facebook Page/Group that sprang up recently but died soon after because, luckily, our enthusiasts had not noticed them and had not publicized them through their alert letters. The ones that receive the alert letter mention will, unfortunately, survive and may thrive.

So, then what is a better alternative?

  1. We should instantly report the page without informing others.
  2. We should instantly share instead a link to our favorite Islamic page here on facebook as our status and ask our friends to join.

So, what will this accomplish?

  1. We will have the page reported.
  2. We will not unintentionally become its marketing agents.
  3. We will prevent the page from becoming popular by the number of clicks/likes it would have gotten, therefore increasing the probability of it getting deleted by facebook.
  4. We will save our Brothers/Sisters in Islam from seeing inappropriate material.
  5. We will save our Brothers/Sisters in Islam from getting angry.
  6. We will save our Brothers/Sisters in Islam from responding against the teachings of Islam.
  7. By sharing the link to our favorite Islamic page instead & asking our fb friends to join, we will be doing Da'wah - which is an obligation upon all Muslims.
  8. For all the friends who join our favorite Islamic page & learn/follow the teachings, we will Insha'Allah gain the same amount of good deeds as them without any extra effort.
  9. We will all instead use our time wisely and properly.
  10. We will all become better Muslims Insha'Allah.

There maybe more benefits, but let's start following this from now onwards so that we can prevent another anti-Islamic (e.g Draw Muhammad Day) situation - at least on Facebook. Insha'Allah.

On the Internet, the best use of your energies is to promote the good Islamic sites. Let the good drive out the evil.

Please help spread this message by sharing it on your profile/Islamic pages. JazakumAllahu khayran. : )

and Allâh (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala) knows best.

By Shakir Parvez Khan, Shadman Saquib and Manners in Islam

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