Sunday, May 29, 2011


Please forward this to all so that they
can be benefited by this message.

It is said that when the angel of death is taking the rooh (soul) outof the
body whom passes away....
it is a painful experience.

They say that when the dead awake
on Qayaamat, the effect of the rooh
being taken out will still be there.

Therefore, ALLAH has told us to
recite the Ayatul-Kursi after every Farz salaat and it is stated thatwhoever recites this, their rooh will be taken out as you would takeout a strand of hair from a pile of flour. How light would that feel, Masha Allah!

May Allah save us from any sort of pain and may He let us die with Imaan in
our hearts and save us from the azaab.Aameen.

There is no word as beautiful as Allah.
No example as beautiful as Rasulallah(SAW).
No lesson as beautiful as Islam
No song as melodious as Azan.
No charity as meaningful as Zakat.
No encyclopaedia as perfect as Al-Quran.
No prayer as perfect as Namaz.
No diet as perfect as fasting.
No journey as perfect as Hajj.

Let's realize that Islam is forever beautiful and perfect, please forward this message
to get the sawaab of passing on knowledge.

This is most common among us, most of us talkduring Azaan... Read this..

The Holy Prophet(SAW) said, Stop doing everything during the Azaan,
even reading the Quran, the person who talks during the Azaan will not
be able to say the Kalimah-e-Shahadat on his/her death bed....

pass this message to Muslims...

Allahumma- inni-ala-Zikr-ika-wa Shuk-rika-wa-husni-ibad-atika.

A very powerful Duaa has been sent to you. What do you think you should do with it. Imagine if 1000 people read it just because of you.


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