Saturday, November 10, 2012

٠•●✿ What She wants ✿●•٠·˙

A sister told me once about her future husband she said

❝ I want him running down to the Masjid if he heard the call to prayer

I want him to surprise me one day to a trip like no other a trip to Masjid Al Haram

I want him to wake me up at night .. to stand in front of Allah the Merciful

I want him never miss the Fajir prayer and wakes me up to it and be the best of helpers

I want his face to be illuminated by faith

I want him holding on to the modesty, such as My beloved Messenger Al Mustafa

I want him in time of anger be patient and if he got mad at me, Our day will not pass until everything will be pass with it

I want my heart is worth dedicate it to him only, not before him or after him any person

I want him someday to whisper in my ears and say "I Love you O' My Most prettiest woman in the whole world"

I want him to be my companion in Upper Paradise with the Lord of the high throne ❞

O' Allah bless the believing righteous women with believing righteous husbands and bless the believing righteous men with believing righteous wives ♥ :


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