Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sunnats Of Nikah

1.        A Sunnat Nikah is that which is simple, wherein there are no formalities, nor are there any diputes pertaining to the dowry etc.  (Mishkaat) 

2.        It is Sunnat to seek a pious and righteous person for marriage and to send a proposal to such a person.(Mishkaat-Vol.2, pg.267-narrated from Abu Hurairah )

3.        To have the Nikah on Friday in a Masjid and to have Nikah in the month of Shawwaal is Sunnat and preferable. (Mirqaat- Vol.6 pg.210 and 217)   

4.         To announce the Nikah. (Miskaat- Vol.2, pg.272)

5.         It is also Sunnat to fix the amount of Mehr (dowry) according to one’s means. (Miskaat- Vol.2, pg.272)

6.         On the first night when one is in seclusion with one’s wife, one should take hold of the forehead and recite this dua:

(Abu Dawood, Ibne Majah)
Trans: O Allah, I ask you for the good that is in her and the benefits of her good habits and character. I seek your protection from the harms of her evil habits and character.

7.        When intending to copulate with one’s wife, recite this dua: If he has children then shaytaan will not be able to overpower them and will not be able to harm them.

 (Bukhari- Vol.2, pg. 776, Abu Dawood, Ibne Majah)

Trans:   I commence this act in the name of Allah. O Allah, protect us from Shaytaan and keep shaytaan away from that child that you will grant us. The child that will be born after this dua has been recited will be safeguarded from the harm of shaytaan.


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