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Cure for Masturbation:by Hazrat Maulana Hakeem Akhtar Sahab db

Masturbation: A Major Sin
By Arif Billah Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Mohammad Akhtar Sahab db

1. The Prophet (S) is reported to have said, “The one who marries their hand is accursed.” That person who masturbates them self has been cursed by Allah and His Messenger (S) and on the Day of Judgment their hand will be pregnant.

2. It is a means of destroying ones’ life in this world and the Hereafter.

3. It diminishes ones’ health.

4. It is a major sin and if repentance is not made from a major sin, then the person will fall under the threat of being thrown into Hell.

5. This person is potentially not capable of marriage because their semen will become thin.

6. A person may develop many diseases, such as gonorrhea and chancrous, etc.

7. Due to this evil habit, eventually the person becomes involved in fornication or adultery.

8. This evil habit comes upon a person due to the curse of lustful glances. Since it is mentioned in the Qur’an that the person who guards their gaze will be able to guard their private parts, from this we can gauge that the person who casts lustful glances will not be able to guard their private parts. As a result, they lose control of them self.

9. The person becomes weak sexually and mentally meaning that they have memory loss, blood deficiency, their resolutions become weak, their heart becomes weak to such an extent that if a cat were to jump from one place to another this person’s heart would skip a beat or start beating faster as if a lion had just jumped in front of him.

10. The radiance and splendor from one’s face is depleted, dark circles start to form around the eyes and a strange curse befalls this person because this person is involved in a cursed action; they become pale, their eyes go inward, they start to have mood swings. As a result, their body, heart and mind go down a slippery slope towards destruction.

11. If a person does not quit early, then in their youth they develop of a disease of incontinence of bladder.

12. Due to undue hard stroking, the nerves, arteries and veins all tend to die out and blood doesn’t flow properly to that organ, due to which it may become limp and the person no longer has the ability to perform intercourse. They may develop impotence or erectile dysfunction, and thus they will face a great shame in front of their wife, society and the matter could even reach divorce.

13. Repeatedly ejaculating causing ones’ semen to become extremely thin, due to which one loses virility

14. Sometimes the mere rubbing against ones’ clothes or the mere thought of intercourse with ones’ wife may cause ejaculation. One’s organ may become crooked. It may grow in girth from the front and then towards the back due to which a person may not be fully capable of intercourse.

15. A persons’ memory becomes weak, they often experience headaches, due to minor strenuous activity; they may experience temporary blindness, cold sweats and anxiety.

16. Sometimes semen becomes uncontrollable causing ones’ mind to become weak, one to be disinclined and not interested in studying and whatever one learns, they are not able to retain it.

Remedy for Masturbation
by Arif Billah Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Mohammad Akhtar Sahab db

1. The primary cure for ridding ones’ self of any evil is himmah, i.e. ones’ one determination. Without ones’ firm determination, there is no cure. Whenever ones’ nafs tries to involve a person in this particular sin then fight it off as if a person were to fight off an enemy that is after their life. Similarly, one should be as determined to save ones’ iman as they would be to save ones’ own life. They should be so determined that they must be willing to give up their life, but not commit sin. The day a person has this type of determination then this evil habit will leave. Also, one should try as much as possible not to be in seclusion.

2. One should ponder over this that the Prophet (S) is reported to have said, the paraphrased meaning of which is, one who masturbates is accursed.

3. Ponder over the shame that one would feel on the Day of Judgment, when this person will be raised and their hand will be pregnant in front of Allah and His Messenger (S).

4. Ponder over all the harms mentioned in the earlier section.

5. Realize that this debasing act only amounts to a short-lived pleasure.

6. Allah is with us all the time.

7. Meditate over the fact that Allah is watching us all the time.

8. This evil habit is due to the curse of lustful glances. Therefore, one should not view any pornographic material and not even go close to pictures in the newspaper, on the internet, cable, television, VCR; DVD etc. to such an extent that one should even start avoiding emails, otherwise random thoughts will come into ones’ mind and will cause heat to develop in ones’ body leading the person to ultimately masturbate.

9. One should not be by them self rather they should be amongst pious friends.

10. One should be concerned to stay in the company of the righteous with the condition that they inform the righteous person of their condition and implement the instructions of the righteous person.

11. To consult ones’ spiritual guide and stipulate a financial penalty such that one feels pain in their heart. This penalty should be in the form of charity. It shows the expertise of the spiritual guide. One should also feel remorse as to how sad their spiritual guide would be.

12. One should be willing to give up their life, but not commit sin. This state of being can only be developed by being in the company of righteous people, therefore adopt the company of the righteous.

13. Guard ones’ gaze and watch over ones’ heart because mere consultation with ones’ spiritual guide and litanies and the company of the righteous is not sufficient. Therefore, one should implement all the advices one receives from their spiritual guide regarding guarding ones’ gaze and watching over ones’ heart.

14. If perchance a person happens to fall prey to this accursed act then each time a minimum of twenty supererogatory prayers should be prayed or such a large amount of charity should be given such that it becomes burdensome on ones’ nafs 


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