Friday, September 17, 2010

What are the Common Excuses For Not Doing "DAWAH" ???

Common Excuses For Not Doing "DAWAH"

1. I am not knowledgeable.

2. First we should make ourselves and fellow Muslims better, then we should work on non-Muslims.
Hadith by Anas (RA) collected in Al-Tabarani. Anas relates that, "We asked the Prophet, 'O Messenger of Allah,
shouldn't we refrain from calling others to goodness if we don't practice all good things ourselves, and shouldn't we refrain from forbidding wrong things until we ourselves have abstained from all the bad?' 'No,' he replied, 'You should call others to goodness even if you don't do all good, and you should forbid bad things even if you don't abstain from all of them yourselves.'"

3. Religion is a personal thing.

4. I dont have enough time.

5. I may lose friends/job/customers.

6. I feel embarrassed.

7. I'll start doing it when I become old.

Believe me brothers these are lame (weak) excuses which will never be accepted by Allah (SWT) for not doing "Dawah"

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