Monday, October 18, 2010

Etiquettes of Masjid !!!

Etiquettes of Masjid

* Do service to the Masjid by keeping it populated

* Say as many prayers in congregation in the Masjid, as possible.

* Prayer in congregation is rewarded with 27 times more blessing than that said alone.

* Go to the Masjid with eagerness and enthusiasm to say your prayers.

* Keep the Masjid clean. Sweep it, dust it, burn incense so as to fragrance it. Place the article that is in the wrong place, in its right place.

* Greet the believer at the Masjid with sincerity and happiness upon seeing him or her.

* When sitting in the Masjid for the remembrance of Allah (swt), seek humility and forgiveness.

* When bringing small children to the Masjid, be mindful to keep them as quiet as possible out of consideration for those making salat.

* Do not use the Masjid as a thoroughfare without purpose.

* On entering the Masjid, use your right foot and say “O Allah, open the gates of Thy Mercy for me (Allahumm-aftah li abwaba rahmatika).”

* On leaving the Masjid, use your left foot and say “O Allah! I seek your favour and blessings (Allahumma inni as’aluka min fadlika).”



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