Sunday, March 20, 2011



Oh visitors in this world
Your final destination is your grave
This travel of yours in this world
Will last for just two days

All this wealth will be of no us
All these luxuries will bring no escape
Your final bed is your grave
And still you are not afraid

All the rich and poor will stand side by side
All the powerful and the weak will be side by side
Your wealth will take you no where
Your money might just bring more despair.

This small grave of yours,
Is in fact your real destination, your real home.
Where you will be asked about your travel,
Your God, your prophet and your life

Haven’t you witnessed any death?
Haven’t you ever buried the deceased?
Yet you are not afraid of that time
That moment when you will be questioned about your belief

Open your eyes and look around
Look at all those who have passed.
This is your first and last chance,
Your only chance to work for the time that lasts


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