Saturday, March 5, 2011

Love, Lust and (Deception)?

Love, Lust and Dhoka(Deception)?

In recent times, we see that many brothers and sisters have been either stung or infected by the love bug. Today, when science and technology boasts of reaching new heights and standards, yet, it fails to contemplate on feelings and emotions. And, we call it advancement, paradoxical!

For the lovers, it would make all sense if it would be fruitful at the end, but, lets examine, the issues which are devastating.

Brothers and sisters, if you really love / like someone, look at the reasons for it. For it could be for worldly aspects, and, in most cases we find people falling in love, because of the lack of visualizing things from the Islamic point of view, which is the actual point of view, and on which everything should be based.

The lack of this perception is the foundation for all problems. To love / like someone and wanting to get married is fine, but, to love / like someone and prolong marriage, and during this time, do what is not allowed / restricted, but, having the urge to continue with them, is nothing but the impact of the western drug and the so – called open society, which will only lead you to sin.

Today, we do know, the norm agenda of lovers / liker’s, the general excuses, such as:

“We need to get to know each other better”

“I was thinking how about we catch up for coffee”

“I think we should get married”

“I’m alone; can you come over to my place?”

And the list goes on! Now, many of us know quite a lot of verses and ahadith prohibiting these acts, and also know of the punishments.

But the general answer, of the lovers ‘ likers of the ummah, “I’m going to get married to him / her anyway” or “Allah knows my niyah” or “We haven’t done anything, we just talk over the phone”, it’s like ‘Hello, what are you even talking about?”. This is blatantly ignoring, blatantly disobeying and blatantly going against the Command of Allah and His Rasool.

There are many verses and ahadith if need to be quoted. But, lets take a minute and analyze and realize what true love should be.

If anyone were to truly love / like someone, then would you not have thought about the following:

If you really love / like someone so much – Then would you not want to protect them? Of course, you would! Would you not want to protect them from the Fire of Hell?

If you really love / like someone so much – Then would you let them commit a sin?

If you really love / like someone so much – Then would you commit a sin which in turn is going to be added as a sin for him / her as well?

If you really love / like someone so much – Then would you forsake their jannah for the pleasure of the dunya?

If you really love / like someone so much, – What should matter most to you is would she / he, would be standing infront of Allah at the day of Qiyamah, and because, of you, your talking to him / her, your meeting, your catching up, your dressing up, your eating, your everything for that him / her, is going to take them to HELL?

The truth is, if you would really love / like someone, you wouldn’t be doing haraam, and wouldn’t allow them to do haraam either. You would try to protect them from the punishment of Allah, by stopping haraam and stop them from doing haraam. And get things done legally.

The bottom line is, if you love / like someone, make it halaal, and get married, talking over the phone, meeting, dating, chatting, web caming, anything your doing is not love but is haraam, and if it would be love, it would be a sincere approach for marriage.

To end with, for the lovers / likers, if you eventually, don’t end up with that loved / liked one, it’s not the end of the world, and to be disappointed or depressed, would only mean, “Your not happy with the What Allah wanted for you” and “Your contemplating that Allah didn’t do the right thing!” Aazoobillah!

For the lovers / likers - to cut it all short, do think,

- Is the love of a boy / girl more dear, better and important to you thanl,

- The love and importance of Allah and His Rasool.

Still got time, “Welcome to the Real World! Live for the HereAfter!”


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