Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We complain of a weak Iman, yet have we ever stopped to rewind
Stop for a moment and step to a side
Look inside our heats and see what we have come to
Analyze our past after what we have been through

We may have uttered some words we weren’t suppose to
Looked at something that may bring shame to you
Missed a prayer because you were snoozing
Broke a fast because you were craving

This Dunya is a sad number of days
And Shaitan decorates it in a million ways
Yet straying from a path to Jannah is not worth it
Who would want to run towards Hell Fire’s pit

So without our Iman we may not be in Jannah’s Greens
We may end up in hell’s fire machines
We may be at the bottom, so we have to climb
And pray and fear Allah till the end of time

May Allah increase our Iman.. Ameen


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