Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lets continue the lesson

lets answer the questions.

مَا اسمُكِ؟
اسمِى فاطِمَة

pronounce : esmy Fatima.
Meaning : my name is Fatima.

مَا اسمُكَ؟
اسمِى محمد

pronounce : esmy Mohammed.
Meaning : my name is mohammed.

so اسم means name .
ى at the end of the word means my (it`s the same either if I am a male or a female).

كًم عُمرُكَ؟
عُمرِى عِشرُنَ عَام.

pronounce : 3omry 3eshrona 3am (I mean by 3 the letter ع as there isn`t a simillar letter in english).
meaning : I am 20 years old.
the answer will be the same if I am a male or a female.

means age.
ى means my .
عِشرُن means twenty.
عام means year.

lets add a new question:

مِن أَينَ أَنتَ؟
pronounce : men ayna anta ?
meaning : where are you from? (when I am talking to a male)

so مِن means from 
أَينَ means where.
أَنتَ means you( when I am talking to a male).

مِن أَينَ أَنتِ؟
pronounce : men ayna anty ?
meaning : where are you from? (when I am talking to a female).

أَنتِ؟ means you for a female.

The answer:

أَنَا مِن مِصر.
pronounce :ana men masr.
meaning : I am from Egypt.

the answer will be the same either if I am a male or a female .

أَنَا means I.
مِن means from.
مصر means Egypt.

If I am from America
أَنَا مِن أمرِيكَا
ana men Amrica.

If I am from Ingland
أَنَا مِن بريطانيا
ana men bretanya

If I am from Somalia
أَنَا مِن الصومال
ana men alsomal

If I am from Turkey
أَنَا مِن تُركِيا
ana men turkeya

If I am from Pakistan
أَنَا مِن باكِستان
ana men bakestan.

A simple test:

مَا اسمُكَ؟....................

كًم عُمرُكَ؟....................

مِن أَينَ أَنتَ؟....................

waiting for your answers in shaa Allah :)


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