Sunday, June 20, 2010

Importance Of Miswak

assalam o alaikum

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Abu Huraira reported:
"Were is not that I over-burden the believers, I should have ordered them to use Miswak [tooth-stick] at every time of prayer.

In several Ahadith stress is laid on wudhu [ablution] to be done properly. We should, therefore, be sure of the regulations about Wudhu and try to observe all of them. For example, take the case of Miswak. It is a Sunnah of Wudhu but is very often neglected. In a Hadith, Miswak has been enjoined very strongly and the following benefits are attributed to it:
It cleans and sweetens the mouth and checks its bad smell.
It is a cause for Allah's pleasure and a blow to the Devil.
Allah and His angels love the person doing Miswak.
It strengthens gums and improves eye-sight.
It is a purge against bile and phlegm. To crown all.
It is a Sunnah i.e.., the practice of our beloved Prophet pbuh.

As many as seventy virtues of the Miswak have been enumerated by the theologians. It is said that a person in the habit of Miswak dies with Kalimah on his lips. The rewards of making Wudhu properly are very many. It is mentioned in Hadith that the parts of the body washed in Wudhu shall glitter on the Day of Judgement and by this [distinction] the Holy Prophet pbuh will at once recognize his followers.

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