Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Character of a Muslim

1.       A Muslim always speaks the truth. He never tells lies.

2.       A Muslim is true to his word. He is not treacherous. He is honest.

3.       A Muslim does not speak badly of other Muslims behind their backs.

4.       A Muslim is courageous, not cowardly.

5.       A Muslim is enduring in situations of defending the truth. He is brave in speaking the truth.

6.       A Muslim is fair with others, even against himself. He does not infringe upon others' rights, nor does he accept to be treated unfairly by anyone. He is strong and does not accept being humiliated by anybody.

7.       A Muslim performs his work as perfectly as he can.

8.       A Muslim is humble and merciful. He does good and enjoins others to do good. He abstains from evil and forbids others from falling into it.

9.       A Muslim strives for the victory of Allāh's cause, and for His religion to spread, always keeping within the bounds of Islamic law, never seeking to achieve victory for Islām at the expense of doing something forbidden.....


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