Thursday, February 17, 2011

MUST READ -- Imaam Shafi'i and the One Who Debated With Him

A man wanted to argue simply for the sake of an argument, decided to enter an argument with Imam Shafi'i and so he said.

“O Imam, how can the Devil be created by the fire and at the same time be punished by Allah by the fire?”

Imam Shafi'i smiled; he then extended his hand to the ground and took a rock made from dry clay, which he threw at the man. It struck the man at the face, which he contorted, indicating both his pain and anger.

Imam Shafi'i calmly said, “Has it hurt you?”

He said in anger, “Yes, it has hurt me.”

Imam Shafi'i said, “How is it that you were created from clay, and it was clay that made you feel pain?”

The man did not answer but he immiedietly grasped that the Devil was made from fire and that Allah will punish him with fire.


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