Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Music and Islam...!!!

There are four elements that makes up a Musical performance, the music, the lyrics, the singing, and the performance (dancing) which determine why most musicals are Haram and what alternatives there are, and why these Alternatives are considered Halal.

1. The Music: Musical instruments with wind and string are clearly Haram according to the 'Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah' (the observers of the Quran & sunnah and consensus of all the schools and scholars of Islam following the sunnah), hence even if it was played with Islamic lyrics or in an Islamic place, does not change the fact that it is Haram. It’s like mixing pork with halal meat and saying that it was halal in some ways, or drinking in the Masjid and justifying it as halal since the location was blessed.

2. The Lyrics: Lyrics that have vulgarity, obscenity and offensive language in its are Haram, even if it’s one single word (and has not been edited out) is also Haram to listen to. A good yard stick for such measure would be to ask yourself, would I allow my child to listen to such words and speak those words out if public as language I have taught them. For example, at one time the some Muslims were performing Kuthbah (Friday sermons) and at the end of it added insults and curses to some companions of the Prophet (may Allah be pleased with them), this evil practice was banned by the fifth righteous Khalif (umar bin Abdul Aziz, A great Tabi - Mujtahid himself). The consensus of the companions and all other Tabi scholars (the generation that followed the companions) was that the Friday Kutbah is a reminder which was Fard (Obligatory) for the ummah, but with insults and offence added to it was Haram to deliver and to listen to. So no excuse could be made to curse anyone other than the Satan (by seeking refuge from him) and those who follow him (by leaving them). To offend and curse is to become a follower of the Satan, to listen to offence and insult being made is also acting part of that great evil, so the listener will bear the curse and sin if they listen to that by choice, in forms of entertaintment.

3. The singing: This is the issue relating to the singer and the listener. For instance, if a female singer was singing with the beauty of her voice, it would be haram for a non-mahram male to listen to her, as her voice would be part of her Awrah (protection of dignity) and Haya (privacy). This is also the case for a male singer and a female listener. With that in mind, one certainly knows that most singers mimic sexy voices and/or sounds sexual nature to attract and move the listener, so much so that all barriers of shame has been breached, that it is indeed embracing to listen to some of those singers in a family environment.

On a personal note, In my humble opinion, Heavy Metal actually breaks the sound barrier and breaches the ear drums… it sound be renamed ‘sound pollution’ and not music.

4. The performance (dancing and stage performance): If one observes (which they shouldn’t, that is why it’s Haram) the dress, fashion-sense of the performers, of: next to nothing covering their bodies, men dressed as women and women dressed as animals (from bunnies to all sorts of bizarre costumes) . Then the dancing, beyond belief… performing the acts to shock and sensationalise the audience, from sexual acts to the bizarre and obscene performances, which have also included Devil worship (and I am referring to Heavy Metal bands performing live on stage).

Thus it could be concluded that, to listen, to watch or to perform such music is without doubt, indeed clearly Haram, and if someone tells you otherwise then they themselves are either lacking in knowledge, or understanding, or in Iman or, or just a Convenient Muslim or could even be a Scholar for Dollar.

So what is the solution? 

My dearest Brother, You need to discover alternatives which will keep you away from the Haram and even those that would reap benefit and reward.

1. Read the Quran: Now you may think that I am either being shallow-minded or preaching. But Brother if your reason for listening to the Music was that, it gives you energy, lift and reminds you of Islam. What is better than the ‘word of Allah’, which will indeed energies your Mind, Body and Soul. It will get rid of all the bad energies and feelings and replaces them with good feelings, inspirations, positive energy, and guidance. If you already read the Quran, then read more. If you cannot read, then listen to the Quran and you will start picking up verses and then surah by memory just by listening on a regular basis. Even better, there are thousands of world renowned reciter’s to cater for your taste and different styles to cater for different moods and the whole Quran to keep you company for the rest of your life. The bonus is also that for every alphabet of the Quran that you read or listen to being recited, you will be rewarded with ten deeds. So imagine how much deeds for a verse, and for a surah and for the whole Quran, You will wake up in the Judgment day with Mountains of Deeds (rewards) that you couldn’t where they came from.

2. Listen to Nasheed: If you felt that you need to listen to some form of music, then there are plenty Nasheeds groups producing and performing according to the sunnah, without (wind or string) musical instruments , using duff and other forms of sound effects. And they sing Glorifying Allah, Praising the Prophet (peace be upon him) , Addressing the Ummah and Discussing about Islam. There are many things to learn from them for Children and Adults alike, whilst keeping you entertained for hours.

3. Write or Read Poetry: If you like music for its lyrics then you may want to try reading some poetry. There may even be inspired to write few yourself to inspire others by, or just as a reflection on your thoughts and feelings. Now a days you can even listen to various poetry being recited.. try googling... Islamic poetry in arabic... see if thosands of years of tradition and culture fails to move you.

4. Exercise: After all that, if you don’t still feel energised, motivated or moved... then you should take up some form of game and exercise, anything from playing football to going to the gym. Keeping healthy makes the the mind relaxed, the body energised and the soul refreshed.

If after reading this posting, If anybody thinks otherwise, then they should take a walk in the park or run around the block and read all of it again, and then it certainly will make healthy and halal sense to them.


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