Sunday, September 4, 2011

Benefits of remembrance of allah

It pleases Allah (SWT).

It destroys Shaytaan’s influence over the person.

Erases worry and anxiety from the heart.

Generates ease and contentment in the heart.

Increases the strength of the heart and body.

It brings light to the face and heart.

It increases provision from Allah.

It generates respect for the person in the heart of others.

It generates love between the person and Allah.

It develops the level of muraqaba (awareness of Allah) which eventually leads one to the level of Ihsaan or excellence .

It brings the yearning and desire to get closer to Allah and to abandon this world.

It makes the person get closer to Allah.

It opens a hidden door of knowledge between the slave and his Lord, Allah SWT.

It generates vigilance of Allah inside of the person which helps him monitor his behavior.

Makes the heart alive and soft.

Decreases sins.

A dhakir (the one who remembers) is always in the company of Allah and is never lonely.

When one is in the habit of constant dhikr during ease; Allah remembers him during the time of calamity and difficulty.

Saves one from the torture.

Brings tranquility and mercy as the person is surrounded by angels.

Protects one from backbiting and gossiping.

Generates a company of angels for the person.

Saves one from sorrow on the Day of Judgment.

Dhikr accompanied with tears will guarantee the shade of the throne of Allah on the Day of Judgment when there will be no other shade.

Increases the bounty of Allah over the person and allows him to perform more good deeds.

Allah will fulfill the wishes of the person.

Dhikr is the easiest form of worship that brings great rewards.

It is the roots in jannah; every time one does dhikr, he is planting his own garden in jannah.

It is the pillar of all the goodness.

It is the protection from forgetting Allah and from the company of Shayateen.

It will be your light in this world, in the grave, and the light that will help you cross over Sirat.

It protects the heart from heedlessness.

It is the tree of all the knowledge.

Its reward is equal to the emancipation of slaves in the path of Allah.

Its merit is higher than that of spending money or donating horses in the way of Allah.

It is equal to and even higher than struggling in the path of Allah.

Remembrance of Allah is the highest state of thanks to Allah.

It is the cure of the diseases of the heart.

It is the pinnacle of relationship with the Lord.

It is the way of quickening the blessings of Allah towards you; and of diverting His anger from you.

Salah ‘Alan Nabi (sending blessings over the prophet SAW) causes one to receive blessings of Allah on one’s self and it will be heaviest on the scale of good deeds.

Remembrance of Allah causes sorrows and difficulties to become easy and generates goodness around the person.

It protects the heart from fear of anyone other than Allah.

It will be a veil between the person and fire.

It is a purification from hypocrisy.

It whitens and lightens the face in this life, at the time of death, in the grave, and the hereafter; meaning it beautifies the person.

PROPHET (PEACE BE UPON HIM) referred to the person who remembers Allah as alive and those who do not remember Him as dead.

pROPHET (PEACE BE UPON HIM)) advised a companion saying: Immigrate from sins as it is the best immigration; hold on to the obligations as it is the best jihad; remember Allah in abundance as you cannot meet Him on the day of judgment with something better than His remembrance in this world.


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