Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tabligh Is very easy!! Welcome everyone,..

To join tabligh there is no restriction.Any one wish to join tabligh can do it any time from any where from the world.The first step is to pass 3 days continuously with this movement in the path of ALLAH.After joining in this movement one should maintain some regular work which is very easy step but really hard to regulate.This is not compulsory.But suggestion from the elders.Any one who can obey this advice can save his Iman in this bad world.So here is the list of these regular work.

1. First pass 120 days(3 chilla, 4 month) continuously in the path of ALLAH .

2. After returning from the Path of ALLAH continuously do the 5 amal.They are as follows:

a. Talim for half an hour in the mosque and half an hour in the home every day.

b. Daily fikir about din in the local mosque.

c. Daily give dawah to the local people to ALLAH for 2 and half an hour.

d. In week do two gast(gathering in the mosque to call the people to ALLAH which is done in a very special way). One in the local mosque and one in the second mosque.

e. And pass 3 days in a row in each month in the path of ALLAH, pass one chilla(40 days continuously) in each year.

Dear brother, these all are collectively call tablighi Nisab. Any one can obey this nisab it will easy for him to safe iman in this bad world and make ALLAH happy with him.


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