Thursday, September 20, 2012

~✿~ Advantages of Wearing the "NIQAB" ~✿~

This is for girls thinking of wearing the NIQAB.
here are some of the many advantages

✿ You get complete coverage. You are protected from any lustful stares.

✿ When other girls without hijab see you, it might trigger their thinking to think about covering their hair atleast because they will see that as something easier than niqab.

✿ You can walk freely and feel liberated knowing that males cant look at you and theres a limit with their interaction with you - and they know that.

✿ You can encourage young girls to talk about islam. When they see an approachable niqabi it will welcome them into islam.

✿ No one will enjoy your beauty except you and others that are allowed to.

✿ You can feel proud knowing that your not being compared to other girls in terms of beauty.

✿ I feel like its easier to lower your gaze in a niqab. I feel its easier because your face is hidden so you feel like your eyes should be in conduct with your face.

✿ You can segregate yourself from all the trends that come with the Hijab.

✿ It teaches disapline. Imagine a niqabi talking with a loud voice and laughing hysterically? Doesnt look right so you avoid it all together. I like disapline.

✿ You do it all for Allah swt! What could be better??



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