Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oh Beautiful Muslim Women! What Islam Says About Enhancing Our Appearance?

Generally, we as women want to look beautiful. We do not hesitate to spend much money to improve our appearance.

Pluck the eyebrows, dye the hair, paint the nails,  fill the teeth, wear perfume, and so much more! All, so we can look more attractive in front of people.

This behavior is quite natural… however, there are certain things we should know before we improve our appearance.

Be aware and know that  what we cosmetically change does not change or alter God’s creation –which, of course this is not allowed.

So let’s do a quick review of what IS ALLOWED in Islam on beautifying oneself!

Eyebrows plucking or shaving? Allowed OR Not?

Many questions raised about whether shaving the eyebrows is allowed in Islam. Not just once or twice the same question was assigned to Ustadzah in the study in which I participate.

Mentioned in the hadith of Ibn Mas’ud RA, that the Prophet of Allah pbuh said:

“Allah curses the women who make tattoos and those who ask for tattoos, the women who shave their eyebrows and ask her eyebrows shaved, the women who  filling their teeth to make them more beautiful and they are those changing the creation of Allah (hadith narrated by seven narrators).

So, it is clear that to make the eyebrows thinner is haram.

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How about Tattoo?

Tattoo is haram to either for the one who makes tattoo, agree when someone else do for them, or who request it. According to Asy-Syafi’i, part of the body that has tattoo becomes unclean /najis. So if possible it must be removed. Unless if removing the tattoo would cause trouble, danger, destruction, loss of one limb, or serious injury, then it is not obliged to remove it.

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Tooth Filling

Tooth filing with the intention to have small teeth and more interesting is haram either for those who make it or request to be filled, if the purpose solely for the sake of beauty. But when the purpose is to improve the disgrace or irregular teeth, is allowed. Read some answers here too.

When we can use Perfume?

It is unlawful for a woman using perfume other than to fulfilling her husband’s pleasure only. And you better use a perfume that smells not very provoking.  

As recommended by the Prophet pbuh, which means,

Verily perfumes for men is a strong scent and calm colors, perfumes for women is a striking color and calm scent (hadith narrated by An-Nasai, At-Tirmidzi, and Abu Hurairah).

Source: Fiqhul Mar’ah Al-Muslimah by Ibrahim Muhammad Al Jamal, translation version by Anshori Umar.


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