Thursday, September 13, 2012

Prayer is better than sleep الصلاة خير من النوم

Sometimes it really scares me how people so easily talk about how they don’t pray fajr! I don’t know if its me being naive or just so oblivious to what people have come to be, but is it that easy to just not pray fajr? I’m not saying its a piece of cake, its hard, it takes effort and practice. But you gutta put some effort in it right? Ajr doesn’t just doesn’t shower upon us if we don’t want to take the first step.
Fajr is what gives our day such a different meaning. For me, when i catch fajr just on time, even though usually i go back to sleep within 10 mins, i wake up feeling fresh. I feel like ‘YES, i woke up a couple hours ago to pray 2 rakah’s. I woke up and got up to worship my Lord.’ Wallahi it gives your day a different feel. 
I read this the other:
How can the sun of Islam rise again while the sons of Islam are asleep at sunrise.
… and not ever before have i read something that shook me so much as this. It is just so true! We sometimes forget the basics, sometimes we focus on the outside form of what Eman is, and what being a ‘Practicing Good Muslim’ is. But initiating the love and eagerness in the hearts of our youth and everyone in our ummah for salatul fajr, is something far more important than hundreds of islamic courses about dawah. 
Change starts within. I feel like when you can take care of your prayer, esp salatul fajr, you are superman. You can do anything. You can conquer the world, because whilst the whole world sleeps, you are chosen, you are of the few whom wake up and worship Allah.
For me, its the most beautiful feeling ever. To hear the athan call out, i feel like its so personal. Its just me and the muathin. I hear him say:
Prayer is better than sleep الصلاة خير من النوم
And my heart skips a beat. I love sleeping. I can sleep hours on, and wake up and be willing to take another nap. But when it comes to that part in the athan – every desire to be all cozy and cuddled up in bed goes away. I can be doing that, but if Allah swt has told us that there is more ‘khayr’, more goodness in Salat, than man i’m getting up and not even going to hesitate about it.
I say this reminding myself first and foremost about how important Fajr is. It isn’t easy to wake up, but when you do start making it a habit and giving your excuses a black eye… then you will experience the most beautiful eman boost, you will taste the fruits of Eman like you have never before, and you will have an inner alarm that will never allow you to loose that connection with Allah. 
I ask Allah to allow us to take care of this precious prayer, to allow us to wake up and never miss it and to allow us to appreciate it and realize how important it is!


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