Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Small and Beautiful Hadeet

Small and Beautiful Hadeet
  1. The Prophet (pbuh) said, "There are two blessings which many people lose: (They are) Health and free time for doing good." (Bukhari)
  2. Whenever man is alone with a women the Shaythan makes a third. (Tirmidi)
  3. Whoever dies knowing that none has the right to be worshiped except Allah (Laa Ilaaha Illallah ) will enter Paradise. (Muslim)
  4. Allah curses those those women who imitate MEN . (Bukhari)
  5. Whoever has a female child with him (under his guardianship from slavery), and trains her in the best behavior, and teaches her well, and then frees and marries her, will have a double reward.(Bukhari)
  6. He is not of us, he who doesn't recite the Qur'an in a melodious voice. (Bukhari)
  7. Whoever goes to a diviner and asks him about something, will not have his prayer accepted for forty days. (Muslim)
  8. Whoever goes to a soothsayer or diviner and believes in what he says, he has indeed disbelieved in what he has been revealed to Muhammad . (Abu Dawud)
  9. When a person dies his deeds are cut off except for three: Ongoing Charity , Knowledge that continues to benefit, and a Righteous child that supplicates for him. (Muslim)
  10. Allah helps the Muslim as long as he helps his brothers. (Muslim)
  11. Whoever Allah wishes good for, He inflicts him (with hardship).(Bukhari)
  12. The Prophet (pbuh) said: " Those that guide to a goodness have a reward similar to those that perform it (after learning from them) - (Muslim).And he (pbuh) said: "The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it. - (Bukhari) And he (pbuh) said : Convey from me even if it is only one verse of the Quran" - (Bukhari)
  13. Do good deeds, for everyone is facilitated in that for which they are created. (Bukhari & Muslim)
  14. The Prophet (pbuh)'s nature was the Qur'an. (Muslim)
  15. The best among you are those who have the best manners and character. (Bukhari)
  16. God is kind and likes kindness in all things. (Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Majah)
  17. The world is prison for the believers and paradise for the disbelievers. (Muslim)
  18. If people don't stop abandoning the Friday Prayers Allah may seal their hearts and they will become headless. (Muslim)
  19. Study Qur'an (regularly) for it will act as an intercessor and entreat for its readers on the Day of Judgment." (Muslim)
  20. A person who goes in search of knowledge,he is in the path of God and he remains so till he returns. (Tirmidi)
  21. Allah has ninety - nine names one hundred minus one, and whoever enumerates them will go Paradise.(Bukhari & Muslim )
  22. Renounce this world and Allah will love you. (Ibn Majah)
  23. That for which you are most entitled to take a wage is the book of Allah. (Bukhari)
  24. Whoever prays twelve nits (rakaath) in a day and night then Allah will build for him a house in Paradise (Muslim)
  25. Indeed there is a piece of flesh in the body,if if is sound, the entire body is sound , and when it is corrupt , the entire body is corrupt. Truly it is the HEART.( Bukhari and Muslim)
  26. The whole world is a provision, and the best object of benefit of the world is the pious woman. (Muslim)
  27. Narrated Asma’ bint Abu Bakr: Allah Messenger said to me, “Do not hold back; otherwise Allah will withhold from you.” (Bukhari and Muslim)
  28. The strong man is not the one who is strong in wrestling, but the one who controls himself in anger. (Bukhari)
  29. Every good deed is charity. (Bukhari)
  30. Muslims are brothers to one another. They should neither cheat, lie, nor humiliate each other. (Tirmidhi)
  31. Allah looks not at your figures, nor at your outward appearance but He looks at your hearts and deeds.(Muslim)
  32. Those who have mercy will receive the mercy of the Most Merciful. Have mercy on those who are on earth, the One in heavens will have mercy on you. (Tirmidhi)
  33. You are sons of Adam, and Adam came from dust. Let the people cease to boast about their ancestors.( Abu Dawud)
  34. Whoever accepted it [Allah's trial], will enjoy Allah's pleasure and whoever is displeased with it, will incur Allah's displeasure.(Tirmidhi)
  35. Duaa is ibadat. (Tirmidi, Abu Dawod, and Ibn-e-Majah)
  36. Beautify the Qur'an with your voices (for a fine voice increases the Qur'an in beauty). (BukharI)
  37. The Dua that gets the quickest answer is the one made by one Muslim for another in his absence.(Abu Daw’ud and Tirmidi)
  38. The best of you is he who is best to his wife.(TirmidI)
  39. Among those who will occupy the worst position in the sight of Allah on the Day of Resurrection is the man who has intercourse with his wife and she with him, and then he spreads her secret.(Abu Daud)
  40. Let your tongue remain moist constantly in the remembrance of Allah. (Thirmidi)


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